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Christmas is almost here, and so is our first world event! There will be plenty of rewards to go around for everyone, so be sure to check out the World Events Begin! thread for more information on how to participate and get your fingers in that pie! (Don't worry, it's a really big pie.)
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 Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP

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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP Empty
PostSubject: Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP   Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP EmptyTue Aug 01, 2017 11:47 am

Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP YfekYBz

With Allison now free from the demon that was possessing her and Dean no longer bearing the Mark of Cain, life should be able to start getting back to normal in Mystic Falls. Things, however, aren't as they seem. The surprise turn of events at the carnival saw the return of an old foe, Azazel, determined to overthrow Crowley as the King of Hell and both are beginning to build an army to fight for their cause. As if that wasn't bad enough Derek Hale's mysterious transformation from a werewolf to a shapeshifter was only the beginning and with the rules that form the very basis of the supernatural world starting to change one resident of Mystic Falls is about to pay the price. With Katherine searching for the moonstone and Niklaus recruiting help in his quest to break the curse that was placed upon him a thousand years ago the residents in Mystic Falls are in more danger than they could ever begin to imagine.

With so many dangerous liaisons right around the corner, devastation is sure to follow.
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Most needed canons:-

Tyler Lockwood
Jenna Sommers
Liam Dunbar
Isaac Lahey
Kira Yukimura
Derek Hale
Lisa Braeden
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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP
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